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Japanese Series Pushbutton
This series pushbutton is, suitable for the circuit with rated voltage 380V and below, and rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz or DC 220V and below, is made for aster control, signal and interlock. The pushbutton can also be used lor the circuit of ship. Special product can be prov ided as per requirement of user.
Main Technical Data:
Power freq uency withstand vo ltage: 2. 5kV
In sulat ion res istance : ≥50 MΩ
Degree of protection : IP65
Contact res ista nce: ≤50MΩ
Signal lamp life: ≥30000h
Degree of protection before panel: IP65 , and it’ s IP67 if protective cove r is provided
Structure Feature:
II’s designed in modular, and each part of global universal sell- locking connection withoot fastener makes the assembly and disassembly easy and simple.
Durable nylon66 enables the enc losure to have high tensile strength and high resistance to acid and alkali, and it still keeps beautiful appearance even after years of use.
It can be mounted with a contact modules at most, and IP20 degree of protection ensures safe contact .
Contact Capacity:

Rated insulation
voltageUi (V)
Rated operating
voltage Ue(V)
Rated operating
current Ie (A)
conventional thermal
current Ith (A)
AC-15 690 220 6 10
380 4
DC-13 110 1
220 0.6

Mechanical & Electric Life (operating frequency 120 limes/h)

Mechanical life Push button / Illuminated push button: Electric life Push button / Illuminated push button : 50×104times
Momentary type : 100×104times Selector switch: 20×104times
Maintained type : 50×104times 40% load factor
Selector switch: 20×104times


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